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After losing 70 lbs. from Zumba, this busy mom has been teaching for over 8 years. She focuses on making her classes fun and easy to follow, especially for new members. With over 25 years experience as a Cardiovascular technician at some of the best hospitals in New Jersey, you can trust that she knows how to get your heart pumping!


Lloyd has been teaching Zumba formats for 13 years as well as Mixxedfit. This Military veteran definitely knows how to bring intensity to every class. His Jamaican flare and love for Hip Hop and African rhythms make his classes super unique but there are two rules he asks everybody to always follow: Keep moving and have fun!

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All the way from Caracas, Venezuela is Corina! Her love for international rhythms always shows in her diverse playlists. She incorporates rhythms like Brazilian Funk, Samba, and Dancehall in just a single class. Corina always has music that makes you want to move and sweat every time!


Adryen has had a love for Zumba since 2015. He even quickly made a name for himself in the Zumba community. He's appeared in official Zumba livestreams, Zumba music videos and even a Zumba Dance-Off video! He loves Pop, R&B and all types of music, if it's on the charts, it's on his playlist! 



Koron has been dancing his whole life! Trained in Hip Hop and performing at talent shows, Koron always serves the hottest moves to his energy-filled classes. Along with his background in Hip Hop, he also has a love for classic Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue. And you can't forget about the Afrobeats! Or even Beyonce!


Talya has always been a shy person, so shy she would never dance at parties, until Zumba came into her life! Zumba has helped her break out of her shell and since becoming an instructor in 2017, it's her new favorite creative outlet. Mixing the latest EDM and Pop will make you feel like you're at Coachella!

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All the way from Maryland, Sandra's fitness journey is proof that it is NEVER too late to get started! Since losing 69 lbs. from eating right, Zumba, and Strong Nation, this busy mom of four has found her passion as a Strong Nation and Zumba Instructor. 


Kamal has been a Bollywood enthusiast since childhood. From doing Bollywood dance shows at the school stage to performing in the dance troupe with Bollywood celebrities on stage at the International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA), she has come a long way. She is a NASM-AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She brings to you BollyShape, a Bollywood infused fitness dance routine that will be an ultimate Bollywood dance party!

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Mandy has been interested in physical fitness and well-being her entire life. She incorporated yoga practice into her daily exercise routines, which included cardio and weight training. She quickly came to love yoga, which offers many physical and mental benefits. She found yoga to be an incredible way to relieve stress, prevent injuries in other activities, and improve sleep and digestion. As a health and wellness educator, she teaches a blended style of yoga for all levels. Her classes focus on breathing, moving, and meditation and provide variations in each aspect.

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